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Your website is a big investment. Our commitment to properly maintained websites mean our customers can be confident that their website investment is working uninterrupted for them day and night. No website will sustain its value if it is built and then neglected.

Whether you already have a website, or we design one for you, we can help with your web maintenance needs. We don’t just maintain our own web designs. If you already have a website, we can update and maintain it as well.

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“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design” 


Why invest in Website Maintenance?


Get your Website Managed by our Experts

When your website is well maintained, customers can find what they need quickly. That means more business to you. Your links need to work. Images and photo galleries need to load quickly. Your contact forms and social media buttons need to work. Hackers are always on the prowl looking for weakness they can exploit. Obsolete software that hasn’t been updated is an exposed threat to your online investment.

Be proactive rather than reactive

A dedicated maintenance team will help you to stay ahead of updates and potential problems.

Look your best

Websites that look old and untouched engage fewer prospects and suffer from lower conversions.

Protect your customers

A well-maintained site is more secure, which means a better experience for your customers

Our Maintenance Program includes:


What's A Domain Name?

A Domain Name is your registered address on the web: or

We will help you choose a domain name or multiple domains to suit your needs. Your domains are registered in your name, and we ensure that they are renewed as required, to provide continuous service for your website. We also offer Domain Privacy and all types of domain services.

If you already have a registered domain name, we can use that for your new website as well.

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Looking for a website Redesign?

To improve the appearance, performance, security and maintainability of your site, we may recommend a Website Update or a complete Website Redesign. As with every new design, we implement the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques for every website we redesign.


We design WordPress sites, for clients who prefer to update their own content. For security reasons, WordPress sites should be updated regularly. If you are not comfortable updating your WordPress website, please let us help.

We can expertly, safely update your current WordPress website or WooCommerce Cart installation.




Stop worrying about your website updates, security, and performance…  You should be focusing on your business!

We will take care of WordPress.

This Package Includes:

Get a guaranteed answer to any WordPress related question you might have by our professional support team.

Get your WordPress website up to date with our secure WordPress core, theme and plugin updates on a regular basis.

Your website got hacked or something else went wrong? We are always ready to restore your website from the backups we have.

We will make regular offsite backups to our secure data center, thus your website is always ready to be restored when needed.


Concerned about your website security? We've got you covered - you will get iThemes Security Pro version installed and set up.


Is your website always available? Get an instant notification when your website is unreachable or is under attack.


Monitor your website rankings on Google for up to 100 focus keywords and get the rankings in PDF report on a regular basis.


We will monitor your site's performance on a regular basis and inform you about website page speed results.


We will monitor your site's performance on a regular basis and inform you about website page speed results.


We will monitor your site's performance on a regular basis and inform you about website page speed results.


You can request simple site edits, like adding or changing content,  new menu item, page, blog post, and even some CSS tweaking.


Does your website have malware? Don't worry, we will clean your website and remove any malware it might have.


Get a beautiful and actionable report about your website's health, performance and security status alongside with update details.


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