One-Page "Business Card" Site

  • Layout is a One-Page “Business Card” Site.
  • One-Page Layout includes a banner with logo and tag line, images and contact links.
  • Text and organization related content provided by client.
  • Some examples have added features.
  • Royalty-free images available.
  • Copywriting available.

Responsive Site Design and Layout

  • Layout is a Multi-Page Responsive Site.
  • A Multi-Page Site includes a main “Home” page and several linked pages, for example: About, Services, Contact.
  • A Responsive Site Design looks great on all devices: Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone!
  • Pages include text, images, links, etc.
    Text and organizational content provided by client.
  • Royalty-free images available.
    Copywriting available.

E-Commerce Website

  • A Content Management (CM) Site is created and modified using a site administration panel, similar to a word processor.
  • Pages, navigation, text and image content can be added, moved or deleted through the user-friendly CM system.
  • We create your CM site for you. Then we can help you with maintenance and updates, or you can maintain it yourself.
  • Simple CM is ideal for non-profit and community organizations, who want to update their own content.
  • Manage your own online store with a full-featured e-commerce shopping cart!

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